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Top 10 FAQ`s about Kissflip

We are a game of flip where you can double your SOL or lose them, game of chance, 50/50

Why should I Invest on KissFlip NFT?

We are giving away -+ 75 percent of ownership through the NFT

Which Blockchain

We are in Solana Blockchain

Is it a copy of degencoinflip

Yes we are, we also aware of their early expose, and we are working so that every flipper can enjoy a secure gameplay

When are the app launch?

11th Of July, we are fine tuning on the back end to keep it simple as per out motto, but as all programmer agree , "Simple is complex" thus time needed to ensure everything is as smooth as possible

When should I receive my portion?

We will distribute every friday, unless there are consensus request of holders otherwise

Where is the game?

We will use this address ( as for the game, all other content will be archived

We are fine tuning locally, we also take every precautious steps.

Who can play

Everyone who has Phantom wallet, but we are against people who are younger than 18. 

Please flip responsibly

What are the goals

We want to help holders gain passive income, we aim to have a 330 Sol worth of fee every week. So that every holder can get at least 1 Sol on weekly basis

If I have questions, where can I find answers?

Before our discord launch which will be on 7th of July, we only have twitter. Feel free to DM, we never DM you first. 

What can I do to help?

Every holders are our Brand Ambassador, thats why we aim  at 200 holders, so that holders can help promote.

We encourage our holders to promote on their social media whenever you can. 

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