What Do We Do

Unlike other teams, we don’t have assigned roles. We work closely together on all areas of the project.

Rather than give too much away, please come into our Twitter and chat with us! We’ll be there whenever we’re not asleep!

We conceptualised Z-rex as a way to celebrate the NFT trend. We love the way people unite and follow, based on mutual appreciation for creative visual artwork.

We believe that Z-Rex perfectly encapsulate the dark yet fun way in which people group together anonymously through the internet.

Z-rex are a brand that we think have unlimited potential, and with you on our side, the sky is the limit!


Who is the Lead?

Our Lead for full stack and all round problem solver is Ms Cecilia. She inirialized the idea and do whatever it takes to make it happen. Including all the other member. She is like 3 person literally. She is a Crypto analyst since 2017. The project is dedicated to all the women out there WE CAN BE A DEVELOPER TOO!! Keep hungry keep learning.

Where are the project going to release?

The NFTs can be minted here, and the preferred market is Solsea.io

How much is the mint price?

It will be minted for 0.3 SOL

When is it going to be available?

Our mint will be ready on 25rh October 2021

What else after this?

We are creating a 2nd line project for Triceratops, it will be ready to mint January 2022. All the Zrex holders would get a pre sale price.

How many NFT would Zrex be in total?

We will have in total 2021 Zrex NFTs.

Can you be a team player?

Yes, slide a DM to our Twitter, we will get back ASAP.